Hi, my name is John A. Mahady
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 and over 22 years ago I started and continue to lead Andrew Information Services, a technology consultancy committed to delivering success to our clients.

The team at A.I.S. consistently provides creativity, hard work and seasoned skills in both the Information Technology industry and the Advertising and Marketing fields to assist client needs and plans.

The firm's primary focus is on:

  • websites
  • internal networks
  • mobile devices
  • Logo branding
  • Ad campaigns
  • Sales collateral
  • Software classes
  • Executive training
  • Mobile version

Our primary expertise is in Open Source tools such as MySQL, SQLite, PHP, jQuery and Drupal.

Our Sales and Marketing staff use industry standard Adobe development tools.
Air | Dreamweaver | InDesign
PhotoShop | Flash | PDF

In the mobile arena of smartPhones and tablets we are conversant in jQuery Mobile, Android and iPhone.